Hire A Calligrapher

Looking for a professional calligrapher?
These calligraphers, listed by city and state, are available for freelance work.
Name City & State  Available for the following work:
Billings, MT Original artwork, artist books, broadsides, wedding envelopes
Bozeman, MT Original artwork; artist books; broadsides including testimonials, posters, certificate design and fill-ins; wedding invitations, addresses, place cards and seating charts; name tags; and more. 
Helena, MT Original artwork,  calligraphy commissions, family trees; certificate design, greeting cards; calendars; posters; calligraphy art on your walls or furniture; teaching. See visual samples here.
Missoula, MT Original calligraphic artwork – flat wall piece or  handmade book form; special events; prints; logos; cards; bookmarks.
See visual samples here.
Missoula, MT Original artwork, commissions, greeting cards, hand-bound books and journals, and wedding presentations. See visual samples here.
Missoula, MT Original work, commissions, greeting cards. See visual Samples here.
Boise, ID Original artwork, custom invitations, certificates, testimonials, Quaker wedding certificates. See visual samples here.
Missoula, MT Artwork (paintings and clay), calligraphic commissions.